Next eගෙනුම proposals

Yesterday, President Gotabaya Rajapakse launched the “Next eගෙනුම” platform to solicit ideas from the public on education reforms, saying “The vision and philosophy of a country is shaped by its education system. An outdated education system creates a society that cannot keep pace with the modern world. A policy formulated as a result of wide public representation cannot be changed in the event of a change of government”

We will be submitting some proposals as Schools 4.0 Lanka (mainly relating to Self-Directed Education, Restorative Practices and Distributive Justice) and we invite you to co-create them with us.

Each idea will be a new topic on this forum - you can reply to the ideas as well as post your own. Contact me on 0766656868 / if you need help on how to use this Discourse platform

Proposal #1: Next eගෙනුම | Current Affairs / Critical Thinking
Proposal #2: Next eගෙනුම | Mixed-age groups
Proposal #3: Next eගෙනුම | Twin schools