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The report has a lot of coverage on conducting assessments - eliminating plagiarism, conducting it online, etc.

But no matter how much we try, exam results are invalid - because even the act of revising for the exam (which we cannot prevent) distorts the result. Moreover, all that a good result really tells us is “this person knows who to face an exam” - it has little correlation to their actual ability to perform useful work (there can be people who really excel at the ගිරවා technique without being able to perform, and also performers who struggle under the pressure of a formal exam).

Based on our “forecast” for University 4.0 on Medium (use this thread for feedback to that), we should empower undergraduates to build up a portfolio that can showcase their capabilities to potential employers.

The PTF does recommend portfolios in a limited way

Establish e-Portfolios to record extra-curricular achievements of students to formalize soft-skill development.

But instead of limiting this to soft-skills, it can be used to record all their achievements; after all - it is in the interest of the student to have a good record of their work there. Instead of figuring out who to reduce plagiarism and cheat-proof tests, universities can invest that effort in mentoring students on how to create good portfolios.